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April 23, 2010

Scared Witless?

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Whenever you start something new, you’re bound to experience some anxiousness.

That’s normal.

The unknown is an undiscovered realm.

But it is a land that’s waiting to be explored by you.

If you’re afraid to take that first step, you’ll never know what you’re missing, the possibilities that first step affords.

But even when you do take those first few steps…

If your mind is filled with negative thoughts…

If you say to yourself “I can’t” or “I won’t”, instead of “I can” and “I will”…

You’ll create within yourself a climate of fear and doubt.

You will end up being SCARED WITLESS.

That fear will lead to delayed action, or even inaction.

You either won’t get things done, or perform tasks in inefficient and improper ways.

You’ll set yourself up for failure.

As Your Online Math Professor, I am here to show you a different, and better, way.

Come with me, and learn how to replace trepidation with BOLDNESS, hesitancy with DETERMINATION, derangement with FOCUS.


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