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April 23, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect?

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Each of us has heard the phrase “Practice makes perfect!”

But what does it mean?

And, in what sense is it true?

First, let’s be clear that perfection is, as a general rule, unattainable. Excellence is the goal.

But simply practicing a skill over and over again, ad nauseum, does NOT mean that you will achieve the excellence you seek.

A good example of this lies with playing the guitar.

You can practice for hours on end, until your fingers are bloody, callused, and sore.

But if your finger positioning is poor…

And your strumming technique is deficient…

And your timing is off…

You’ll sound just as bad at midnight as you did at noon.

Get this straight.

Practice, in and of itself, is NOT indispensable to success.

Practicing correctly and consistently, however, IS indispensable.

As Your Online Math Professor, I am here to show you how to practice the skill of doing mathematics – correctly AND consistently.


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